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Saturday, December 9th 2017

2:16 PM

Commercial Copy of Galunker now available in U.S.

Please support Galunker.

Buy the book here.

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Tuesday, May 2nd 2017

2:01 PM

Honouring Tupper`s Memory

The best way to honour Tupper`s life
was by giving another great dog


the type of life that Tupper lived for 13 years.

Tupper came here as a puppy,left when she was ready to go & is now back home.

Good Bye My Friend Fund

Tupper passed peacefully at home thanks to Claire Place after being under the care of some wonderful Vets at AVAH

She enjoyed every minute of life right up to the moment she left.

She got to enjoy all her favourite treats,some slathered with Peanut Butter.

She was an absolute dream dog and brought great joy to many lives for many years.

Tupper got to run wildly through open fields chasing ducks,roll in smelly stuff,play with Mac (for years),
go for car & boat rides (which she loved) and swim for 13 years.

Throughout her lifetime she shared her home with Mac,Garfie,Dewar & Angus.
She also enjoyed the company of many others.
Deserving special mention are NCIS and Rower
a special shout out to little Rory the Westie.

RIP Tupper
(No Turtles were harmed)
May 13,2004-Apr 4,2017
(& Angus 2005-2016)

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Monday, May 1st 2017

2:27 PM

Courtney Trempe Inquest should inspire Courtney`s Bill & Law

I have asked Patrick Brown if he (rather than my MPP) would consider introducing Courtney`s Bill either as a Private Member`s Bill or even better as a Gov`t Bill in memory of Courtney Trempe to become Courtney`s Law.(akin to Rowan Stringer`s Concussion Bill which was introduced and passed by all Parties to become Rowan`s Law)

I`ve explained why it`s important to get the focus off 'pit bulls' and on to Effective Laws & the Trempe Inquest Recommendations.

The designated Expert Witness from the Courtney Trempe Inquest also explained that to Patrick Brown at a meeting held in Toronto.
I covered the expenses for the Expert to attend that meeting.

Courtney Trempe was a little girl killed by a neighbour`s dog in 1998
(A dog not impacted by BSL)
An Inquest was held into her death and out of that came 36 recommendations.

All but a few were ignored by Gov`t.

Instead they chose to enact BSL years later which does not improve Community Safety.

It would not have helped Courtney, as the type of dog that killed Courtney is not a type targeted by Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

Courtney`s Mother testified to that effect at the Committee Hearings prior to the passage of Bill 132 (Amendments to DOLA)

I propose as we go forward in our attempts to have BSL repealed,we fight this fight in Courtney`s memory rather than a dog & that future Bills introduced in the Legislature to repeal BSL be tabled as Courtney`s Bill.

While we all love our dogs & we are fighting to save their lives,our number one goal is to have effective laws in place to make Communities safer for both Children & Adults.

Let`s fight for that in memory Of Courtney Trempe.

A memorial fund was set up in memory of Courtney to provide support for child victims of dog attacks and their families.
(Not sure if it`s still active.No response from them when I asked)

Please listen to PBLNN Interview where Kerry Vinson (Designated Expert Witness at the Trempe Inquest) talks about the Inquest recs & explains why we need effective laws not BSL.

You can also listen/download the Nov 4th show here.
Kerry starts to speak at about 45 mins.

You can read an article written by Kerry on the failure of the amendments to DOLA (Dog Owner`s Liability Act) to improve Public Safety and the threat this Legislation poses to all dog owners.

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Monday, May 1st 2017

12:34 PM

Ontario Rescues

Is donated money helping Rescues find homes for dogs or is it giving Rescues the luxury of turning away good homes because the Rescue can afford to keep the dog in their care?

I first suspected something was odd when I was contacted by a well known U.S. pit bull owner about 1 of 2 dogs I was sponsoring.
They had expressed interest in this dog.It seems they weren`t suitable for this Rescue.
I asked them why.They said ask the Rescue.
I did and received no reply.I stopped my donation.

I then met a couple of people from the Veterinary Profession who apparently weren`t good enough for Ontario Rescues because they didn`t have fenced yards.
I also met someone who works with an Ontario Rescue who was turned down by another Ontario Rescue because they didn`t have a fenced yard.

I was donating to another Ontario Rescue with the stipulation that the monthly donation was to be used to help a short haired mutt with a whip tail aka a 'pit bull'.
I had asked them if they rescued this type of dog.They said yes.
It turns out they had no such dog in their care.

How do I know?
I offered to foster a 'pit bull' for them.
I contacted them a number of times (after submitting an Application) asking when I could expect a dog.
They finally admitted there had been no such dog in the care of this Rescue but it was under new Management.

Another donation stopped.

If you really want to witness the arrogance of Rescues,just offer them a Foster Home w/o applying.

One Ontario Rescue (in need of Foster Homes according to the Rescue) was referred by their Veterinarian.
I had been asked by this Veterinarian if I would foster puppies.
I said I would provide my Contact Info to them but would not chase them.
The Rescue finally made a phone app`t but failed to keep it.

You people really need to get over yourselves.
You are missing out on a lot of great foster homes and permanent homes.

How do I know?

You missed out on this one because of your arrogance and you sure won`t get any more money.


Note:If you know as I do that fenced yards are not required to be a good dog owner,why give money to Rescues that require fenced yards?
I didn`t have a fenced yard until 2005.
I think I have only known a few dog owners in my entire life who had fenced yards.
I spoke to a Breeder about fenced yards and they told me in 25 years they have only requested a fenced yard once because that potential owner had a medical condition that might have prevented them from walking the dog on occasion.
So why are most Rescues insisting on fenced yards?
There is a Rescue in Ottawa that has lost a dog because of a fenced yard and someone who didn`t realize that dogs intent on getting out of a yard will do just that.

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Sunday, April 30th 2017

8:04 AM

Yup you`re liable

I have encountered many people who don`t seem to think they can be held liable for a dog or dogs.

If you own a dog or have one in your care,you should familiarize yourself with the Definition of Owner under the Dog Owner`s Liability Act and if you think you can waive your Liability using a Contract (Rescues & Kennels) you should think again.

The Dog Owner`s Liability Act

Definitions 1 (1) In this Act, OWNER, when used in relation to a dog, INCLUDES a person who possesses or harbours the dog and, where the owner is a minor, the person responsible for the custody of the minor;

And if you don`t believe me,consult with a Lawyer.

I did,after seeing Contracts written up by Rescues that try to dump all the Liability on the Foster Home or Kennels that try to absolve themselves of Liability for dogs in their care.

Civil Liability of Owner

(2) Where there is more than one owner of a dog, they are jointly and severally liable under this section. R.S.O. 1990, c. D.16, s. 2 (2).

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Saturday, April 29th 2017

11:12 AM

Must Reads for those who want to understand BSL & help repeal it

The Legal Senselessness of Doggie Racism
by Gordon Scott Campbell
(Law Firm Aubry,Campbell,MacLean

The Fallacy of Breed Specific Legislation
by Dr. Ryan Llera
(Veterinarian with Kingston Veterinary Clinic)

Please consider writing a snail mail letter (Best) to the
Premier of Ontario no matter where you live &
your MPP if you live in Ontario.

You can also Phone/Fax or Contact them via Twitter & Facebook but Snail Mail would be best.
You can find more Info on BSL here.
Feel free to send the Link to the Premier

People must do more than whine in Facebook Groups and chant Slogans to help end BSL.

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Saturday, February 20th 2016

1:50 PM

Standards for Psychiatric Service Dogs & BSL


When I was on Twitter I asked the CVMA if they would write a Letter to the Gov`t regarding BSL

and the Canadian Standards being developed for Psychiatric Service Dogs.

They did just that.

"While the CVMA is very supportive of this initiative, it cautions the government against any breed specific limitations
and also calls for the use of humane training methods."

You can find a link to their Letter here.

Now that we have a new Gov`t in place I have written to the CVMA and asked them if they would send a Letter

to the new Minister of Veteran`s Affairs, the Honourable Kent Hehr.


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Saturday, August 29th 2015

1:50 PM

Most recent Article by Kerry Vinson



Kerry Vinson who has written a number of articles on Ontario`s BSL has written another article for the TAVM Newsletter Scalpel

The Problem with Dog Aggression



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Saturday, June 20th 2015

11:33 AM

National Canine Research Council takes Ontario to task

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Saturday, September 6th 2014

7:30 AM

Where do Ontario MPP`s & Candidates stand on BSL?

I have tried numerous times to compile lists of where Ontario MPP`s & new Candidates stand on BSL.

The limited amount of info I had has been deleted due to the apathy of people who claim they want BSL repealed but don`t care if they`re voting for BSL Supporters.
They wrongly assume they support Repeal because they`re members of the Conservative or NDP Parties.

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