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Tuesday, February 27th 2018

2:27 PM

Courtney Trempe Inquest should inspire Courtney`s Bill & Law

Neither OVMA or CVMA support Breed Specific Legislation
(OVMA wrote to Party Leaders in 2012-I have the Letter if anyone wants it)
Here`s how MPP`s voted on passing BSL in 2005
Here`s how Ontario MPP`s voted on Repeal in 2012
If Candidates w/o Voting History from ANY Party won`t state their position on BSL,assume they support it,that includes Doug Ford.

I have heard from the Doug Ford Team but do not yet have Doug Ford`s position on BSL.

"Please understand, we do not have a policy platform released at this time.
The new Leader has only been in office for under 2 weeks.
Once this information is public you will get an answer to your questions."

Have offered to set up a Conversation with the designated Witness from the Trempe Inquest.

If you vote for someone simply because they`re Conservative or NDP w/o knowing their position,you don`t get it.
Breed Specific Legislation is not a Partisan issue.
We want to keep ALL BSL Supporters out of Political Office.

See Patrick Brown`s Statement below
"We need less Government Intervention in our lives and thoughtful Legislation based on evidence
which is why I firmly believe we need to repeal Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario"

(Expenses for Expert Witness who met with Patrick were covered by me

Patrick has since stepped down.

I have asked the PC Party if they (rather than just my MPP) would consider introducing Courtney`s Bill in memory of Courtney Trempe to become Courtney`s Law.
(akin to Rowan Stringer`s Concussion Bill which has just passed 3rd Reading and will become Rowan`s Law)

I have the support of Courtney Trempe`s Mother...
"Thank you for your efforts on behalf of my daughter!"

I`ve explained why it`s important to get the focus off 'pit bulls' and on to Effective Laws & the Trempe Inquest Recommendations.

The designated Expert Witness from the Courtney Trempe Inquest also explained that to former PC Leader Patrick Brown when they met in Toronto.

The Conversation should be about the Trempe Inquest recs rather than dogs.

Courtney Trempe was a little girl killed by a neighbour`s dog in 1998
(A dog not impacted by BSL)
An Inquest was held into her death and out of that came 36 recommendations.

All but a few were ignored by Gov`t.

Instead they chose to enact BSL years later which does not improve Community Safety.

It would not have helped Courtney, as the type of dog that killed Courtney is not a type targeted by Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

Courtney`s Mother testified to that effect at the Committee Hearings prior to the passage of Bill 132 (Amendments to DOLA)

I propose as we go forward in our attempts to have BSL repealed,we fight this fight in Courtney`s memory rather than a dog & that future Bills introduced in the Legislature to repeal BSL be tabled as Courtney`s Bill.

While we all love our dogs & we are fighting to save their lives,our number one goal is to have effective laws in place to make Communities safer for both Children & Adults.

Let`s fight for that in memory Of Courtney Trempe.

A memorial fund was set up in memory of Courtney to provide support for child victims of dog attacks and their families.
(Not sure if it`s still active.No response from them when I asked)

Please listen to PBLNN Interview where Kerry Vinson (Designated Expert Witness at the Trempe Inquest) talks about the Inquest recs & explains why we need effective laws not BSL.

You can also listen/download the Nov 4th show here.
Kerry starts to speak at about 45 mins.

You can read an article written by Kerry on the failure of the amendments to DOLA (Dog Owner`s Liability Act) to improve Public Safety and the threat this Legislation poses to all dog owners.

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