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Sunday, April 30th 2017

12:37 PM

For Dawg`s sake 'pit bull' people please educate yourselves




How do you expect to educate the Public if you have not taken the time to educate yourself?

SOME of the dumbest things I have heard (& seen) to-date from 'pit bull' people ("Advocates").

1)"Only Pure Breed 'pit bulls' are banned."
Really? Have you heard of DOLA?
Try reading it.

2)"We should challenge this Law"
It has been challenged.
Have you heard of Cochrane v. Ontario?
Try reading it.

3)"My friend rescued a 'pit bull' in the U.S. and brought it back to Ontario.
If people mind their own business there shouldn`t be a problem."
(Heard that one today)
Hey 'pit bull' Advocate that`s not 'rescuing' that`s called Importing a 'pit bull'
It`s illegal.
Try doing a little reading

4)"Your concern for this dog is ruining my day.
There are lots of these dogs in Ontario."
Heard this one from a highly credentialed Dog Trainer
Credentials obviously do not = Commonsense & compassion

5)"Lots of people sell 'pit bulls' on Kijiji.
The Authorities aren`t watching Kijiji."
You may be right but some people are watching for these Ads & taking screenshots
& they may start reporting you to the Authorities instead of offering you some advice.
You may get more hits by adding 'pit bull' mix to your Ad but if you care about the MUTTS that you`re selling, smarten up!
"Due to unforseen issues I have to get rid of my two boxer-pit bull mix puppies"
At least you were smart enough to take down your Ad

6)"As long as you muzzle them (young dogs) there won`t be a problem."
Try running that one by a Crown Prosecutor,I did.
"The worst thing you can do is put a muzzle on a young dog with that appearance.
It will draw attention to the dog & if you`re charged,it could be seen as an admission that you knew you were in possession of an illegal dog ie a 'pit bull'

7)I hear this a lot.
"I`m a 'pit bull' Advocate.
I`ve been in this fight since the beginning."
When I ask anything about the Law,you can`t answer my questions.
When I ask what you`ve done ie Donate money,write Letters to Politicians/Media,educate others with a Blog or a Website you give me that Deer in the headlights look
& usually respond after stammering & stuttering "I`m in a 'pit bull' FB Group"
So what?
If you can`t answer the simplest questions about the Law you`re not helping to repeal BSL.
If you are incapable of educating others with correct information you are not helping to repeal BSL.

Here`s a News Flash for you: Blathering incessantly about 'pit bulls' & chanting slogans isn`t helping to repeal BSL if you can`t back that up with knowledge.

Try writing some intelligent,coherent letters to Politicians & Media
& try educating others so they can do same.



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