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Saturday, August 1st 2020

10:18 AM

In Memory of a 🐈 Family

Together Again

A Memorial Donation was made by Forever Home

A Memorial Donation was made to OVC Pet Trust by AVAH

(Son)Angus 2003-Nov 2016

(Mom)Garfie 2002-Dec 6,2018
Showed up at the right Home when pregnant w/6 kittens.
(Other Kittens went to great Forever Homes like mine.)

(Son)Dewar 2003-Apr 2,2020

Maybe another stray will show up at the right home.

Maybe a kitten from a Farm will be offered a home.

Maybe I will choose one from the OSPCA

Do not give Rescues Control over Pet Ownership.

🐕 or 🐈

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