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Sunday, July 28th 2019

4:44 AM


Do not be played or taken for a financial fool by Ontario Rescues.

If you want to help dogs get adopted,
help keep them in Shelters & out of Rescues.

Hell would have to freeze over twice before I would apply to a Rescue to offer a dog a home or allow a Rescue into my Home.

They are taking the Public for fools & keeping dogs out of perfectly good homes.


Rescues are not Shelters that put dogs up for Adoption to the Public.

They are collecting & hoarding dogs.

They want to control these dogs at your expense.


Rescues stand in the way of Adoption

Support Shelters & Reputable Breeders.

Thank God Mac never fell into the clutches of a Rescue

#AdoptDontShop is laughable when used by Rescues.

I was sponsoring at "BIN" when I received an email from a well known American Dog Owner,
(Yeah,that guy)
asking if I was giving them money for a certain dog.
I asked this person if they had offered that dog a home...they said ask the Rescue about that.
I did...they ignored me...I cancelled my Sponsorship.
I had planned on offering a forever home to one of those dogs until I got the warning and connected the dots.
Just one prime example of the stupidity of Rescues.

I was giving "SOAR" (Jan Paquette) a monthly donation for a certain type of dog.
(Possibly at risk due to BSL)
I later offered them a Foster Home for that type of dog.
They did not follow up on that offer.
Perhaps they were busy learning how to integrate dogs & cats without causing a death.
There is a trick to that...it is called use commonsense...
Rescues have none,so they project their own inadequacies on to those who do.
I have never yet caused the death of a cat,(Jan Paquette),unlike you.

I was later told that SOAR had not had that type of dog in their care when taking money from me.

I was contacted by a Vet who was doing some work for "EOPR" who told me they needed a Foster Home by a certain date.
I said I would offer a home,provide Contact Info but would not chase them.
They were told of the Vet`s message & after a number of emails explaining to them that they had to prearrange a phone call,
they finally made a commitment to call & failed to place the call.

"...I'll call you before 8am tomorrow...
Julie Hearty & Allison Shalla
Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue"

I contacted Lab Rescue asking if all their Adoptions required Fenced yards...I already knew the answer...wanted to see if they would respond...they did not.
This Rescue appears to be collecting dogs from all over but restricts "Adoptions" to GTA.

A Reputable Breeder told me that in 25 years of placing dogs,only once was a fenced yard required due to the needs of the person not the dog.

I have a fenced yard but my home was not going to be offered to any Rescue insisting on a fenced yard.
They simply are not necessary.

I contacted "Safe With Us" and asked a question about their Policies.
I was told by someone who had dealt with them that they were not as arrogant as other Ontario Rescues.

Their response to me...
Wed, Apr 19, 2017, 9:13 PM
"May I ask why you are enquiring about our adoption policies?
Thank you.

My Response to Debbie...
"Yes you may.
I want to know what your Adoption Policies are in order to decide whether I want to consider adopting from your Rescue."
Debbie did not bother getting back to me about their Policies.

I got back to (Apparently) "Not So Safe With Us" later that year after getting my dog.

"Aug 16, 2017, 2:27 PM
In case you were thinking of eventually answering my question,don`t bother."

I am aware of an incident by a Rescuer to flip a Foster Home into what they call in the Rescue Biz "A Foster Fail" by fearmongering about Public Adoptions
& suggesting difficult decisions might have to be made for that dog if the Foster Home did not morph into a Forever Home.
Isolated incident?

My Home was available as a Foster Home to Ontario Rescues
from approx 2009 to July 2017
That is when I got my present dog.
(From a Reputable Breeder not a Rescue because Rescue Dogs are not up for Adoption.)
She has a forever home...a real forever home,not a fake forever home where the Rescue maintains control of the dog.

I would bet the Farm that the Public continues to be asked for money for these dogs.
A Volunteer with a Rescue told me if I would apply to adopt a dog that had already had one TPLO Surgery,the Rescue (meaning the Public) would foot the Bill if a 2nd TPLO was needed.
That is a fake forever home.
Real forever homes pay their own Veterinary Bills & may have to put dogs down for financial reasons if they do not have Insurance.
I believe that is part of their scheme & the reason Rescues want control of dogs.

No Rescue nonsense required for my dog,just a pleasant 2 way Conversation.

I had planned on offering a forever home to a Rescue Dog when I found a dog I wanted
but Rescues are their own worst enemies & are an impediment to Adoption.

Rescue is all about Control of Dog Ownership.

Rescue Dogs are not up for Adoption unless the potential Adopter is up for being controlled.

Support Shelters (if possible) where dogs truly are up for Adoption.
(OSPCA & Humane Societies)

*There are few dogs available for adoption to the Public now because of Rescues collecting dogs.*

Find a pup/dog needing a home before a Rescue gets a hold of it.
Check Kijiji for Owners rehoming/surrendering a dog,keep your ears open,ask around.

To Dog Owners who surrender ill or elderly dogs to Shelters...best case they will be put down...worse case,"saved" by a Rescue in the nick of time.
That is not the kinder option for a dog...they deserve to be put down by your Vet with you by their side.
That is a forever home & the kindest option for them.
Consider not getting a dog if you are the type who would give up a dog at any point in its life.
There are no perfect dogs,homes or "best" matches despite what Rescues believe.

But there are Perfect Owners...they are called Forever Owners.
Some may live in houses with fenced yards,some may be homeless on the street.

(Until death do you part)

Do not give Rescues control over Dog Ownership.

A Vet may know of an accidental litter or a pup/dog needing a home.

Support Reputable Breeders
(A personal choice for some & perhaps the only choice now & in the future because of Rescues)

Rescues are a bottomless pit of other people`s money which is allowing them to carry on like this.

They might exhibit some commonsense if they were using their own money or if they had a whole lot less donated money.

Past Generations who knew much more about dogs would never have put up with Rescue nonsense & neither should you.

All the dogs below had wonderful,fun,forever homes.
And yes some were Farm Dogs
Absolutely no kowtowing to Rescues required.

Say No to Applications & House Inspections & Yes to Conversations.

Their nonsense...
(Applications,House Inspections,Restrictions & silly Requirements such as Fenced yards,Bank Statements?)
is simply keeping dogs out of good homes.

I feel very sorry for dogs in the clutches of Rescues.

Against my better judgement I recently offered a Foster Home to Sit With Me after seeing a rather desperate plea on Social Media.
All they had to do was DM to start a chat.
They did not bother because that would take control away from them and Rescues want to be in control.

Thankfully the Public is catching on...I routinely hear Rescue called a scheme/scam...
No argument here...
It is all about the Rescuers...not the dogs.


Dog Owners... beware of the Rescue Scheme to control Dog Ownership.

Donors... beware of funding dogs that are not truly up for Adoption to the General Public.

Rescues...Get over yourselves.

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