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Sunday, May 27th 2018

4:33 AM

~13 Years and Thousands of Dollars Later...

...I would hardly leave the fight to end BSL.

I`ll just spend my time,breath & certainly my money more wisely & constructively.

Unfortunate that this has been turned into an Anti-Liberal AR Campaign by some.
Great way to alienate Liberals across the Province & cause majority of Public to tune out.

Very,very expensive lesson learned.


No regrets about donated money,purchases etc that went towards supporting Charter Challenge.

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Thursday, May 17th 2018

6:36 AM

My Litmus Test

I`ve always considered BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) to be a litmus Test
for Politicians,Journalists or anyone for that matter.

It demonstrates to me whether a person is capable of logical thought.

I started asking Doug Ford for his position on BSL & what he would do about it if elected Premier 5 minutes after he threw his hat in the ring to be the Leader of the PC Party.

He should have been getting hundreds of thousands or even millions of emails on the issue considering the number of people who claim to be in the fight to end BSL.

The Ford Camp tried ignoring me but every time they sent a $ beg,I responded with the same questions always cc`ing the President of the Conservative Party and multiple MPP`s.

They finally provided this initial response below.

"Please understand, we do not have a policy platform released at this time. The new Leader has only been in office for under 2 weeks. Once this information is public you will get an answer to your questions."

I persisted in responding to EVERY $ beg with the same questions.

This 2nd response below was finally received the Week of May 7th
(This email is not to be copied & posted anywhere.)


Thank you so much for your email. We appreciate you taking the time to write to us.

Doug takes each email and concern very seriously.

We understand that Breed Specific Legislation is a sensitive topic for many Ontarians, and Doug will not make any decisions without first listening to the everyday people of Ontario.

Our campaign is focused on returning accountability to the province and making government work for the people of Ontario.

While we focus on our goal of making Ontario more affordable and bringing prosperity back to the province, we will look into addressing this issue further.

Once we form government, we look forward to working with you to find a solution that works for all Ontarians.


Thank You..."

Doug,you DON`T consult with everyday people on issues that require expertise.

Would Doug Ford consult with everyday people rather than Engineers if a Bridge was to be built?

I wouldn`t drive across a Bridge designed by everyday people.

All the work has been done for Doug Ford.

All the consulting has been done.

All Reports by people with expertise have been submitted.

Dalton McGuinty,Michael Bryant & Kathleen Wynne listened to everyday people.

THAT`s why we have BSL in Ontario.

So Doug`s plan is what?

1) Stir up all the pit bull crap by listening to everyday people?
That might actually make some people happy because they do love fighting & arguing w/the haters & it does keep the focus on them & their mutts rather than on a Child killed by a dog.
I know the haters & Journalists would rather blather abt pit bulls€™ than an Inquest which did not recommend BSL.

2) Repeat EVERYTHING that has already been done at Taxpayer Expense?

I thought this guy`s claim to fame was that he cares about how Tax Dollars are spent?

Everyday people have been heard Doug.

Been there,done that.

We don`t have to find a Solution that works for ALL Ontarians.

You need to heed the advice of those with expertise.

Take 10 minutes and read the OVMA Testimony that I sent multiple times or pick up the phone & CALL the OVMA & request a sit down with them.

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Tuesday, May 15th 2018

4:58 PM

You don`t need Pet Insurance

...until you do.

There are many Pet Insurance Providers.

Make sure you read their Policies carefully including the fine print and make sure you understand what is included & perhaps even more importantly what is excluded..

I chose Trupanion for "Wind".

An interesting Read

How not to break the Bank

by Dr Ryan Llera

OVMA launches Pet Insurance Program

by Dr Lianna Titcombe

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Sunday, March 11th 2018

10:09 AM

What`s wrong with (some) Ontario Rescues?

I was contacted by a well known U.S. pit bull owner about a dog I was sponsoring for a Rescue.
Individual had expressed interest (to the Rescue) in offering that dog a home & felt I should be made aware of that if I was giving them money.
I sent an email to the Rescue asking about that offer and was ignored.
I stopped donating.

Another Ontario Rescue failed to follow up on a Foster Application to help a 'pit bull'
(back when I thought perhaps it made sense to have to apply to offer them a foster home-it doesn`t.
It`s more than a major responsibility, it`s a huge legal liability
(due to the def`n of Owner in DOLA)
Fostering requires a discussion not an Application.

This same Rescue above claimed at a later date that they had not had a 'pit bull' in their care but had no explanation for why they had taken an ongoing monthly donation designated for a 'pit bull' if they had none in their care.
This Rescue also admitted to me that they had allowed a Rescue dog in their care to kill a cat (& not just any cat) yet they`re going to show Adopters how to integrate a dog into a home with cats.
I stopped donating.

Another Rescue was referred to me by their Vet because they urgently needed Foster Homes.
They failed to follow up after being offered a Foster Home.

I just roll my eyes now when I see #AdoptDontShop
or I`m sent "Foster Homes Urgently Needed"

When I was looking to offer a forever home to a dog, I contacted a # of Rescues.
I received 1 (snooty) reply.

Some Rescues like to ask but not answer questions.

I have met a Vet,a Vet Tech,a Rescue Worker and numerous other great dog owners who were unable to adopt from Ontario Rescues.

Gawd get over yourselves.

Generations have chosen & brought dogs into homes with kids of all ages,cats,other pets & no fenced yards.

Some seem to be not looking for homes,but rather money & control over dog ownership.

(Adoptions require a conversation not an application.)



Your money may not be doing what you think it`s doing.

Donor no more

The Home Rescues didn't get to consider.
No one needs the approval of a Rescue to have a dog
Figure it out

I spend my $ constructively now on Pet Insurance for my dog,

rather than helping some Rescues keep dogs out of perfectly good forever homes.

What`s wrong with some Rescues.....I`d say plenty.

What an eye opener

There will always be a spot available for a dog in need,
just not for free because of the stupidity(just some of it) described above.

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Tuesday, February 27th 2018

2:27 PM

Courtney Trempe Inquest should inspire Courtney`s Bill/Law

This is Courtney

Neither OVMA or CVMA support Breed Specific Legislation
OVMA wrote to Party Leaders in 2012
Please read their Letter.

I would like ALL Parties to come together to support Courtney`s Bill/Law in memory of Courtney Trempe.

(akin to Rowan Stringer`s Concussion Bill which has just passed 3rd Reading and will become Rowan`s Law)

Courtney`s Law would remove the Breed Specific Language from DOLA,implement more of the Provincial Trempe Inquest Recs
& should encourage the Federal & Municipal Gov`ts & Media to consider the Recs suggested to them by the Inquest.

I have the support of Courtney Trempe`s Mother...
"Thank you for your efforts on behalf of my daughter!"

It is important to get the focus off 'pit bulls' to stop the incessant non constructive arguing and on to Effective Laws.

Courtney Trempe was a little girl killed by a neighbour`s dog in 1998
(A dog not impacted by BSL)
An Inquest was held into her death and out of that came 36 recommendations.

All but a few were ignored by Gov`t.

Instead they chose to enact BSL years later which does not improve Community Safety.

It would not have helped Courtney, as the type of dog that killed Courtney is not a type targeted by Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

Courtney`s Mother testified to that effect at the Committee Hearings prior to the passage of Bill 132 (Amendments to DOLA)

I propose as we go forward in our attempts to have BSL repealed,we fight this fight in Courtney`s memory & that future Bills introduced in the Legislature to repeal BSL be tabled as Courtney`s Bill.

Number one goal is to have effective laws in place to make Communities safer for both Children & Adults.

There is no doubt that dogs are suffering & Owners are being treated unfairly.
A repeal will rectify that.

Let`s fight for all of that in memory Of Courtney Trempe.

A memorial fund was set up in memory of Courtney to provide support for child victims of dog attacks and their families.

Please listen to PBLNN Interview where Kerry Vinson (Designated Expert Witness at the Trempe Inquest) talks about the Inquest recs & explains why we need effective laws not BSL.

You can also listen/download the Nov 4th show here.
Kerry starts to speak at about 45 mins.

You can read an article written by Kerry on the failure of the amendments to DOLA
(Dog Owner`s Liability Act)
to improve Public Safety and the threat this Legislation poses to all dog owners.

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Thursday, February 22nd 2018

2:01 PM

Honouring Tupper`s Memory

The best way to honour Tupper`s life was to make a donation to

"The Goodbye My Friend Fund"

& give another dog the type of life that Tupper lived for 13 years.
(Tupper was a real life K9 Good Neighbour)

Tupper came here as a puppy,left when she was ready to go & is now back home.

Tupper passed peacefully at home thanks to Claire Place after being under the care of some wonderful Vets at AVAH

She enjoyed every minute of life right up to the moment she left.

She got to enjoy all her favourite treats,some slathered with Peanut Butter.

She was an absolute dream dog and brought great joy to many lives for many years.

Tupper got to run wildly through open fields chasing ducks,roll in smelly stuff,play with Mac (for years),
go for car & boat rides (which she loved) and swim for 13 years.

Throughout her lifetime she shared her home with Mac,Garfie,Dewar & Angus.
She also enjoyed the company of many others.
Deserving special mention are NCIS and Rower

a special shout out to little Rory the Westie.

RIP Tupper
(No Turtles were harmed)
May 13,2004-Apr 4,2017
(& Angus 2005-2016)

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Tuesday, February 13th 2018

11:25 AM

Detection Dogs

This Ontario 'pit bull' was sent to the U.S.A a while back to be assessed by Diane Jessup of LawDogsUSA

Airfare was donated in memory of Mac

Unfortunately Bandit didn`t make the cut.
He had the drive but was too easily distracted according to Diane.

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Monday, February 12th 2018

9:26 AM

Animal Farm calls Bull on "Pit Bull" Awareness Campaigns

A $500 donation was given to their GRANT PROGRAM

In memory of Mac
(Mac was special to me,but there was nothing 'special' about him)

Choose Recipients wisely when you`re looking to donate $ to help dogs or help end BSL.


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Monday, May 1st 2017

2:16 PM

Commercial Copy of Galunker is now shipping to Canada

Please support Galunker.

As one of the financial backers of this Project,
I have the 1st Edition.
I highly recommend it.

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Saturday, April 29th 2017

11:12 AM

Must Reads for those who want to understand & help repeal BSL

The Legal Senselessness of Doggie Racism
by Lawyer Gordon Scott Campbell
Aubry,Campbell & MacLean

The Fallacy of Breed Specific Legislation
by Dr. Ryan Llera
Kingston Veterinary Clinic

Please consider writing a snail mail letter (Best) to the
Premier of Ontario no matter where you live &
your MPP if you live in Ontario.

You can also Phone/Fax or Contact them via Twitter & Facebook but Snail Mail would be best.
You can find more Info on BSL here.
Feel free to send the Link to the Premier

People must do more than whine in Facebook Groups and chant Slogans to help end BSL.

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